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We would like to invite you to take part for 2019

The Derwent Valley Art Crawl Guide 2019

This is an annual printed publication which started this year and was distributed throughout Derbyshire in the Derbyarts:info tourist boxes, and other selected tourist locations. This was an A5 booklet of 16 pages containing the details of artists, studios and galleries in the Derwent Valley. We produced 8,000 booklets, the first distribution of which was in place by the beginning of 2018 and they were refreshed when necessary.

Our aim with the publication is to promote artists, galleries, studios and all related establishments and individuals to help connect you to the wider public and to further strengthen this area as a ‘centre of excellence’ for the arts. A major objective here is to encourage the public to come and visit you and buy from you, if that is appropriate. It also forms another channel of promotion for you. The Derwent Valley area covers from Ladybower Reservoir in the north, near Sheffield, down to Great Wilne in the south where it joins up with the River Trent near Long Eaton and our creative area covers this and anyone roughly within five miles either side of the river, although we are flexible with that.

The booklet is a directory of participating artists/studios /galleries/establishments in the area and their chosen expertise. It will also contain maps to help the public know where you are.

We have chosen the Derwent Valley area in order to give a wider geographical spread but also to be in tune with the Derwent Valley World Heritage Corridor. We are being supported in this enterprise by Amber Valley Borough Council and Marketing Peak District and Derbyshire. In this, our first year, we have also aligned ourselves with the Derwent Valley Trust – a charity aimed at promoting the use of the whole Derwent Valley as a leisure destination and which has aspirational plans for major investment in the area covering walking, cycling, canoeing, horse-riding and the arts.

For you we see this as an excellent way of advertising and keeping your name in the public eye for a year for the very small outlay of £55.

For this annual fee we offer you the following:

• An individual entry in the booklet
• An entry on the website which supports the booklet –
• Regular promotion via social media
• A Facebook group for joint networking

We will also be exploring provision of signage which denotes your membership of the Derwent Valley Art Crawl. There may be a small extra charge for this if we can secure the right signage. And we are also considering some form of annual event.

Please take a look on here you can see the breadth of the offering and there is a link to download the brochure, if you have not already seen one. If you have not got a current brochure and cannot find one, and would like one to have a look at one, please let us know as we can get one to you.

We are making some changes as a result of feedback from this year’s participants:

• We will give more space to the artists in the booklet – with only 4 or 5 to a page
• We will provide more copies to the artists who want them for distribution in their own network

We do ask you to be happy for us to publish your contact and location details. If you wish, your entry can also denote that you must be contacted by the public prior to being visited by the insertion of a or symbol if that is appropriate to signify telephone or email first. Or you may just choose this opportunity to be in the brochure as a means of promotion with just a general area location.

If you do wish to apply we will be looking for your contribution and payment by the end of September.

Please download our Application Pack or you can email us to ask for a pack to either be emailed to you or sent out in the post.

Take a look at the 2018 brochure if you have not seen one yet.
(This is quite a large file)

Derwent Valley Art Crawl