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Carsington Water Sculpture Trail

Carsington Water Severn Trent

Sculpture Trail

Carsington Area

Big Lane

Visitor Centre Opening Times

Open everyday (except for Christmas day)

April - September 10am - 6pm and from October - March 10am - 5pm.

The story behind the sculpture trails

The Carsington sculpture trail was created to mark five years of the Severn Trent and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Education Partnership at Carsington.

The education partnership is all about teaching visitors of all ages about the importance of water and wildlife through educational visits, events and activities, as well as the sharing of information and joint conservation work between the two organisations.

The sculpture trail was created to celebrate the work of the partnership and to encourage visitors out on to site, and to engage with the site and it’s wildlife in new ways. Encouraging visitors to engage more interactively and personally with nature and learn more about the local landscape. The chainsaw wood sculptures are of high quality and durable wood, securely and safely installed.

The education trail features 8 sculptures at roughly every mile around the reservoir. Each of the eight reflects a different learning style and are as follows

• Interpersonal learning- a wise wizard figure with a side seat
• Visual spatial learning- large carved picture frame with reservoir views, which visitors can get into the frame and be part of the vista
• Linguistic learning- carved pile of books, to potentially inspire visitors to wax lyrical from all the calm and magnificence of the reservoir
• Intrapersonal learning- a stark, solo carved arm chair among grasses
• Musical/rhythmic learning- woodland chimes between two trees
• Logical/mathematical learning- carved nature benches around two ‘magnistands’ or posts with an inbuilt inspection box with magnifier
• Naturalistic- carved animals of totem pole and smaller wildlife figurines
• Kinaesthetic learning- looped metalwork with metal hoop for hand-eye coordination

The Hob’s trail is themed around fairytales and designed to encourage visitors to explore the area below the dam, a previously little-used part of the site this consists of six sculptures, they are:

- Hob the goblin
- Story-telling throne and mushroom seat circle
- Magnistands and seats
- Giant spider
- The troll
- The dragon’s tail

The trial was unveiled in Spring 2018 and was made possible thanks to a grant worth more than £20,000 from the Tarmac, Landfill Communities Trust through the Derbyshire Environmental Trust.

There are trail leaflets available from the visitor center and for the Hob’s trail there are activity booklets for children to take.

t: 03306 780701
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