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Lumsdale Glass

Lumsdale Glass Co-operative


Matlock Area

Unit 18 Lower Lumsdale Mills
DE4 5EX 

Please contact Lumsdale Glass before you visit

Please either phone or email Jonathan or Thomas to be sure they are around.

Beautiful, unique, hand blown glass created using recycled materials. Lumsdale Glass is based in a hot glass studio in the heart of the Lumsdale Valley.

Each piece is hand made and finished using traditional skills - techniques unchanged through centuries of glass making. The studio glass original design pieces or bespoke commissions are hand crafted by local artists Jonathan Abbott and Thomas Petit 2 of only 3 glass makers remaining in Derbyshire.

Whether it’s a holiday momento or a wedding gift you need making, the gallery/shop has a wide range of exquisite glass products to suit your needs.

t: Jonathan 07964710880
t: Thomas 07817151826

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Lumsdale Glass
Unit 18 Lower Lumsdale Mills
DE4 5EX 
Unit 18 Lower Lumsdale Mills
DE4 5EX 
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