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Tarnia Magee

Tarnia Magee Art


Belper Area

Belper Area

Please email or phone Tarnia for more details about how you can view her work

Working primarily in mixed media I enjoy to paint the human form as a structure of realism. However, in contrast I also relish in the freedom of incorporating abstraction through the use of texture that creates interesting effects in order to express movement and vitality.

I am very passionate about experimenting with colours to convey a mood or an emotion, and I am also inspired by current trends in interior design and fashion to achieve certain colour combinations.
To me this process reflects parts of my personality as well as helping me to respond to experiences encountered in life. In turn, I hope my paintings captivate and engage the viewer enough to evoke an emotion or a sense of connection.

If you are considering a private painting commission you just need to provide me with clear photographs of your chosen subject.

t: 07946 523764

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Tarnia Magee Art
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