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    I work in various media, but mainly in sterling silver and copper. Most of my jewellery is forged from silver grain then formed by hand using traditional methods. Every piece is distinctive and unique.

    I am Derbyshire born and bred, and my art is entirely inspired by our beautiful county. I am intrigued by the juxtaposition of industry and nature; from the heritage of innovative engineering in the birthplace of the industrial revolution, to the bleak north moors of The Peak District. I often wander through my home town of Belper, soaking in its history and capturing shapes and forms to inspire me later in my workshop.

    My background is eclectic. Art has always been in my heart. Creating beautiful things is important to me. I have a passion for history and science and a wish to preserve Derbyshire’s heritage through my art. I am also passionate about my community, recycling and working ecologically and source locally wherever possible

    I aim to create jewellery that inspires, that people desire to wear and that is treasured for generations; to make art that has not been seen before; to engage my local community; and to ensure that my heritage is not forgotten.

Adamson Jewellery

35 Dovedale Crescent
DE56 1HJ

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Adamson Jewellery
35 Dovedale Crescent
DE56 1HJ
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