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    I didn’t train as a ceramic artist, I actually did my degree in multimedia design. I have always however enjoyed exploring new technologies and learning new skills. When I started to use clay I was genuinely fascinated by the process.

    I love the outdoors and predominantly take my inspiration from nature, I always end up watching birds, they are so territorial yet very intelligent and beautiful.
    I am always interested in learning new information and take inspiration from places I visit, things I see and new techniques I learn. You never know what gets you thinking.

    All of my tile ideas start life as a sketch, I then spend a lot of time developing these sketches on my computer before creating a template. I press mould the template onto hand rolled tiles before firing in a kiln. I use glass to finish all my large tiles as I love the depth of colour and how the glass spreads as it heats up. The outcome is always random and could go wrong but it’s all part of the process, crossing your fingers and hoping the work comes out as you imagined.

    As well as decorative tiles I delved into the world of jewellery, I have a range of glass and lace printed jewellery. When I first moved to Nottingham and started learning about the lace industry and I really wanted this to be part of my process.

Farah Batool

Belper Area

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Farah Batool
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