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    With a life-long love of nature and the natural world, Jannice started her painting career 10 years ago with Botanical Illustration.

    She feels that watercolour is the most appropriate medium to convey the wonderfully subtle variations in colour and tone found in nature. The immense variation in shape and the delicate form of flowers and leaves can best be conveyed by watercolours and this she endeavours to illustrate.

    More recently Jannice has turned her attention to birds, the elusiveness of which holds a fascination and a need to identify the various species. She hopes to highlight, in a sensitive way, the characteristics of colour and form of each bird, set in its own habitat.

    She again finds that watercolour is the ideal medium to portray these features.

    The images are also produced as giclee prints and greetings cards.

Jannice Read

55 Ford Lane
DE22 2EY

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Jannice Read
55 Ford Lane
Derby DE22 2EY
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